Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yarn & Kool Aid...

Moose & I had no plans yesterday, so we decided to try hand dying yarn with kool aid. It was so fun & so easy! (and messy!) We bought some 100% wool yarn (paton's wool, and stitch nation's "full o' sheep") and every kool aid flavor the grocery store had- actually we went to 2 grocery stores because the first one didn't have any flavors that weren't pink or purple.

I started, but Moose took over so this one became his skein...

...I wanted to see how it would come out striping it one way or the other:

This was AFTER washing our hands:

(Moose didn't actually handle the yarn, just the brush, so his aren't so bad)

here's Moose's skein, fresh out of the microwave:

Here's the striped one I worked on:

and this one I striped in the other direction:

All of our yarn drying:

The finished product!

We found these instructions on, they even had a color chart...too bad we couldn't find half the colors they showed. I will be on a kool aid search from now til Christmas- undyed yarn is on my Christmas list!

Monday, July 12, 2010

another finished pattern soon to be listed...

my son picked out the buttons himself & asked me to make him a sweater to go with them...

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Another Knitting Pattern listed on Etsy & Ravelry

I just listed the pattern for this sweater & hat set on Etsy ( & Ravelry (ravelry links are on the blog's sidebar):

and these slippers were added a little while back:

I'm currently working on a ruffle sleeved shrug to go with my baby's Easter dress, so that will be listed soon too!

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My first knitting pattern up for sale!

My very first knitting pattern is up for sale! I designed this for my new baby (who will be here soon!) it's available in my etsy shop- as well as on just search garter ridge baby shrug.
oh, and i'm integrating all my blogs now, this isn't just scrapping anymore...just whatever i'm working on. here's baby girl's wardrobe that i made/designed...some of the sweater patterns i found online, but the dresses are my designs...

the sweater is an adaptation of Lucia Tedesco's baby girl sweater (can be found on ravelry) and i made the hat to match. I'll be listing the pattern for the booties soon.

this is a simplified version of the "boheme" sweater found on ravelry. i didn't do the lace pattern, and i added a garter stitch button band to keep it from curling.

this sweater is from and the legwarmers are from ravelry.