Thursday, October 28, 2010

Yarn & Kool Aid...

Moose & I had no plans yesterday, so we decided to try hand dying yarn with kool aid. It was so fun & so easy! (and messy!) We bought some 100% wool yarn (paton's wool, and stitch nation's "full o' sheep") and every kool aid flavor the grocery store had- actually we went to 2 grocery stores because the first one didn't have any flavors that weren't pink or purple.

I started, but Moose took over so this one became his skein...

...I wanted to see how it would come out striping it one way or the other:

This was AFTER washing our hands:

(Moose didn't actually handle the yarn, just the brush, so his aren't so bad)

here's Moose's skein, fresh out of the microwave:

Here's the striped one I worked on:

and this one I striped in the other direction:

All of our yarn drying:

The finished product!

We found these instructions on, they even had a color chart...too bad we couldn't find half the colors they showed. I will be on a kool aid search from now til Christmas- undyed yarn is on my Christmas list!